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iStep #200601T

The iStep is an innovative and comfortable step that attaches to a new or existing deck. The inside 26” width step provides ample room and the dual handrails make for a smooth transition. The flow through design allow for improved water circulation in preventing algae. The superior strength-to-weight performance, stability, and ease of assembly make this an easy deck mountable solution for the above ground pool. Specifically designed for smaller pools, the iStep is the way to go if you wish to maximize your swimming area! Add cool to your pool with the UL approved LED Smart Lite!


Now with a DUAL HANDRAIL design!

  • Simple, convenient entry steps!
  • Features No-Swim Zone and Flow-Thru step design.
  • Adjustable for 48"-54" pools!
  • Designed with smaller pools in mind to maximize swim area.
  • Shown with optional Smart Lite.
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