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Comfort Incline

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Comfort Incline Ladder #200740T-200700T

The Comfort Incline ladder marries our award winning Smart Choice ladder, which features the swing-up and lift-and-lock design, to the Easy Incline in-pool ladder for an economical entry level system. The large and thick graduated treads on the inside ladder create a “comfortable incline” and solid footing for the every swimmer. Easy assembly on this ladder allows you to get in and swim without the aggravation of construction. The “no swim zone” is a built in safety feature to take all your cares away and maximize your swimming area!


  • Features No-Swim Zone and Flow-Thru step design!
  • Adjustable for 48"-54" pools.
  • Superior strength, durability and stability!
  • The pool wall is your barrier.
  • Upgrade to Smart Step or the Easy Entry Step.

 Add the Gatekeeper for additional safety and convenience!

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