Easy Entry System #200700T/200400T

Our premium entry step is ideal for families, larger swimmers and the physically challenged. The wider 36” tread offers easy passage and allows family members to sit side by side. Handrails on both sides help individuals pull themselves up and out with ease. On the outside of the pool, a heavy-duty structural grade ladder offers solid footing and a swing up and lift-and-lock safety feature. The premium structural grade materials and manufacturing process offers superior strength-to-weight performance and stability.

Superior Strength!

  • Features No-Swim Zone and Flow-Thru step design!
  • Extra wide 36" treads.
  • Superior strength, durability and stability.
  • Dual hand rails for added safety and security.
  • Easily converts to deck mount!
  • Shown with optional Smart Lite.

Easy Entry System- As shown, Combines the inside Easy Entry Step (200400T) with our premium-grade outside Smart Choice Ladder (200700T)

 Click here to download 200400T instructions

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Easy Entry Step 200400T


200680 SMART LITE This item is currently out of stock$69.00
200888 THE ANCHOR$16.00
260340TA1Upper Step Tread$50.00
260341TA2Lower Step Tread$50.00
260351TB1Upper Left Side Riser$30.00
260352TB2Lower Left Side Riser$20.00
260353TC1Upper Right Side Riser$30.00
260354TC2Lower Right Side Riser$20.00
260342TDBallast Tray 36"$20.00
200400RT***Complete Rail Set for 200400T$74.00
260028TE1Upper Handrail-Aluminium$20.00
260026TE2Lower Handrail$10.00
260343TFTop Step Support Brace$10.00
260344TGMid Riser Support Brace$10.00
260338THDeck Connector$10.00
250325TIRiser Cross Brace$10.00
260346TJHandrail Connector$10.00
260345TKStep Tread Connector$10.00
250321TLSocket Cap$5.00
298030MBallast Bag$3.00
260024 Hardware Kit$5.00
260033 Tread Connector Hardware Kit$5.00

Smart Choice Ladder 200700T

250301T   Handrails-Set: Left/Right $40.00
250300T   Platform $20.00
200170T   Support Foot $10.00
250305T   Outside Ladder Body $45.00
250303T   Ladder Foot Extension $20.00
270501T   Adjustable Support Tube $10.00
250302T   Support Tube Base $10.00
260019   Secure Straps $3.00
260020   Lock Cable $3.00
260015   Hardware Kit $6.00
200740T   Inside Ladder Body $100.00